Fishing Safety Guidelines

If you keep these fishing safety tips and rules in mind, you should be able to have an enjoyable time fishing without high risk of injury to yourself or others, no matter which form of fishing you choose to participate in.

We strongly advise that you tailor your clothing to the weather & wear sturdy footwear with a good grip, consider a hat, sunglasses, suncream, wind & waterproof clothing

You should take every precaution to ensure your own safety and wellbeing & instruct novices and children on safe rod and hook procedures.

· If you are fishing from a location where there is any possibility of falling into the sea we always advise wearing a life jacket that is approved by the British standards institute, especially children.

· Hooks and rods by design can be dangerous if not handled with care. When fishing in close proximity to others extra care should be exercised.

· You should be aware that you will be using chemically sharpened hooks which can cause harm so extreme caution should be taken whilst handling them Exposed hooks should be corked.

· Dont leave your tackle lying around or someone may trip over it.

Great care should be taken whilst casting you must:

· Be aware of people around you. Check that you have a clear casting area all around you before casting.

· Be aware that swinging hooks and weights can be dangerous to yourself and others.

· Gather information before choosing a site to fish. Take extra care and time judging weather, tides, sea, access and escape conditions before choosing locations for rock, shore or pier fishing.

· When choosing a fishing site pay careful attention to waves. Relatively calm surface and the absence of regular wave pattern will generally identify a current.

· Do not enter the waves to fish.

· Gentle sloping beaches with a non-threatening wave pattern are ideal for safe shore fishing.

· Be aware of rising tides, don’t be cut off.

· When pier fishing do not be careless, do not run & do not lean over the edge,

· Tell someone where you will be and your expected return time. NEVER go alone and always stay visible to other people