Fishing the Llyn Peninsula

Abersoch Angling

Fishing the Llyn Peninsula

Fishing Tuition Safety

Please be aware that you must:

Sea Fishing Tuition· Be in good health
· Have no medical conditions that may restrict or affect you.
· Bring with you any medication that you may require
· Be able to negotiate and stand on rocky and rugged terrain.
· Be steady on your feet
· Have good balance
· Be able to walk distances with your fishing tackle
· Be able to stand for the duration of your lesson

We strongly advise that you wear

· Sturdy footwear with a good grip
· Warm clothing
· Wind & water proof jacket
· If the tuition is on a boat – a lifejacket

CAUTION! Whilst every care will be taken for your safety, you should be aware that:
You will be using sharp knives and chemically sharpened hooks. Both can cause harm so extreme caution should be taken whilst handling them and all equipment, but especially when preparing bait, baiting the hooks and unhooking fish.

Great care should also be taken whilst casting you must:

· Check that you have a clear casting area all around you before casting
· Be aware that swinging hooks and weights can be dangerous to yourself and others

Whilst every endeavour will be made to ensure your safety we expect the client to take every precaution to ensure their own safety and wellbeing.
Please immediately inform your instructor if you feel uncomfortable or unsafe with any aspect of the equipment, location conditions or venue.

N.B. The instructor carries a First Aid kit, water, thermal safety blanket and sun protection cream.
Should conditions become unfavourable and the instructor deems it unsafe tuition will be cancelled.